Real Glass Etching

All our mirrors are etched. While it is very time consuming and labor intensive etching is the best process for decorating glass. Glass can also be decorated with lasers, etching creme and vinyl decals. A laser heats the glass until tiny chips come off creating the design. Etching Creme is fun for a hobby but totally impractical for a large project and the process can be harmful. Some companies sell "etched look vinyl". That is basically a sticker you put on to the glass. It is very cheap and usually turns out looking that way. Most people will end up with air bubbles and wrinkles in the design when they use vinyl.

Our etched designs become part of the glass. When you run your hand over the mirror you can barely feel a change in the surface. This is a tribute to the person doing the etching. It requires a steady hand and consistent pressure to avoid irregularities in depth and contrast. The design can never fade or come off. You can clean the mirror with regular window/glass cleaning products.

The designs we create use bold graphics. You want to be able to see and recognize the design from across a room without having to get up close to make out infinite detail. The finished product is eyecatching and will generate plenty of compliments when hanging on your wall.

Please note all credit card charges will appear under the name Stuart James Company.